Understanding cultural differences to make business globally!


International business means dealing and understanding cultural differences and habits. Learn managing cultural differences in the business world and acknowledge the working culture in 3 different continents!

China, Japan and Korea have a similar working culture compared to India. However, all of these countries have strong intercultural differences when it comes to do business. Find out what are the major business cultural differences in the top 4 Asian markets!

Europe is smaller in size, compared to Asia and America. However, within the Eurozone, the continent has always been a leader in the business world, representing many intercultural differences. Being the epicentre of history translates in dealing with different working cultures and way of behaving, with a remarkable difference between the Northern countries and the Southern ones.

If you are an international businessman, you have to be aware and understanding cultural differences of the working culture similarities and diversities in Italy, UK, Germany, Spain and France among all.

With the United States, North America has been leading the international business scene since the last century. Even if the country is comparably younger than the Asian and European ones, this still means there’s a shaped american working culture. Explore how the American working society, with its cultural differences, managed to achieve this stage in the business sphere.

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Why starting from understanding cultural differences ?

Doing business everywhere with the same style is a common mistake, generated from thinking of a single world business culture. Wether you want to start your own business, trade with a different market or simply pursue an international corporate career, you need knowing how to behave in different environments and managing cultural differences.

Doing international business comes across knowing different nationalities, habits and customs; but also working conditions, best performing national industries in the diversity of the business world, understanding cultural differences when making business negotiations and so on. Global Maimai was born to give access to all these information in the major countries around the world, with a focus in Asia, Europe and North America.

What else?

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